10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

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Our 10-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1:  We’ll begin by thoroughly inspecting your carpets to assess for any staining or excessive damage.

Step 2:  Then we’ll move all smaller furniture and belongings from the area to be cleaned, ensuring that you get a detailed clean – a gesture that most other companies refuse to provide.

Step 3:  Out of respect for your space and your belongings, we take extra care to place protective barriers where necessary to avoid causing damage or wear to your home or workplace.

Step 4:  We pre-vacuum every floor prior to beginning to cleaning process to lift any loose soils and debris.

Step 5:  Next we apply an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution to the areas to be cleaned to help lift unsightly stains and odors.

Step 6:  After the pre-treating solution has had ample time to sit, we agitate the area to lift stubborn dirt and grime to achieve a more in-depth cleaning.

Step 7:  Following agitation we steam clean and extract the dirt and debris from the soiled area.

Step 8:  Once your cleaning is complete, we’ll speed dry your flooring using air movers to eliminate the potential for moisture issues and speed drying time for convenience.

Step 9:  Optional: If desired, we apply Scotchgard after the carpet has dried to better protect your freshly cleaned carpets and avoid future set-in stains.

Step 10:  Optional: If you choose, we’ll even groom your carpeted areas to lift compressed fibers from high-traffic areas.

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