Pet Odor and stain removal

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Hey Fellow pet owners! Brandon here with Vivo Carpet Cleaning, your local carpet cleaning and odor removal specialists! Are you suffering from pet odor and urine stains in your carpets? Are you ready to experience the best cleaning process and remove those stinky eye sores for GOOD! See our dogs and cats are cute, but pet accidents are not. You’ve probably tried multiple things to get rid of pet odors and stains in your carpet with not much luck!

So what are your options to getting rid of pet accident stains and odors yourself?

  • Well, you could get your carpet and padding removed and subfloor sealed. That will for sure remove the odor and stains, but it’s probably not the most budget friendly option!
  •  Home improvement stores won’t remove your carpet and padding if it has pet accidents on it. Leaving you more work and hassle!
  • Continue to purchase big store products and spends hours hands and knees scrubbing and cleaning, just to have no nothing change.
  • Spend a weekend and Rent a carpet cleaning machine , only to figure out what a nightmare it was to get in and out of your vehicle and spend 3+ days with wet carpet and make odors worse!

Not to worry At Vivo Carpet Cleaning we have Designed a unique treatment that is Guaranteed to work! No more wasted time doing DIY treatments and wasting your hard earned dollars on products that don’t deliver! Our pet odor treatment is fast, safe around pets and children and super effective! Every technician is trained to uphold our highest standards of cleanliness And with over 90+ 5 Star Reviews, we’re confident that you’ll love the way your home smells and looks with our unique pet odor treatment service. Be ready to receive a superior cleaning experience and finally get rid of pet odor in your home for GOOD!

Here’s how our Pet Odor Treatment process works.

  1. We first inspect and locate the odor causing source by using a UV Blacklight and  place Moisture Sensor to test areas that still have pet urine in the carpet.
  2. We than use a gentle but thorough Double Brushed agitating machine to lift pet dander, pet hair, and loosens up soil in the fibers of the carpet. This allows your carpet, padding, and subfloor to be properly treated to remove the odor.
  3.  We mix the appropriate solution and saturate not just the carpet but the padding underneath where the odor source is at. Allowing our Powerful Enzymes to locate and begin to destroy the odor!
  4. Then we use our powerful truck mounted machine to fully flush out and rinse all the fluids, urine and bacteria from the treated areas. This process is repeated as necessary to assure everything is removed.
  5. We than follow up with our Award winning Steam carpet cleaning process, leaving no residue behind, only the fresh cleaned carpet.
  6. Lastly, we set up our fast drying system to get your carpet dried in as little as  30min so you can get back to your day.


Our amazing 10 step cleaning process will Remove the most difficult Stains and Odors!

And save you money in the process!

What you can expect from our carpet cleaning service:

  • Quick drying time. The average wait time is 30 minutes!
  • Upfront and affordable pricing.
  • Non-toxic products that is safe for kids & pets.
  • Carpet Cleaning by Trained and certified carpet cleaning professionals

Our promise to you...

We are so sure you will be in love with your experience that we guarantee our service for a full 30 days and we will gladly re-clean for FREE if you are not in love with the results the first time.

"My dogs had pretty much destroyed my master bedroom, but vivo cleaning came in, did a deep clean and now I can actually breathe in my room again."
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Did you know? Carpets are highly effective places for mature fleas to live because fleas thrive in the carpet’s dry temperature.

Did you know? Beyond the dander and the implications for allergy sufferers, pet urine is another pet owner nuisance – and it can also be a health risk.

"Brandon was able to get stains and smells out of our carpet that I didn’t think would be possible. Our 2 dogs and 2 kids were no match for Brandon. Our carpets look and smell like new again. So thankful for an amazing job!."
Justin Farrell
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